Neuronal Cytoskeleton Series

Marbella Resort, May 26-30th 2013


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Overall description

The Emerging Concepts on Neuronal Cytoskeleton Workshop came from the idea that scientists working in the same field should meet regularly. There are big congresses every year where Latin American scientists meet with other researchers in neurochemistry and cellular and molecular neuroscience. However, small meetings that are focused on a specific issue can be hard to find and attend, especially for graduate and postgraduate students.

In this context we believe our proposed Workshop will be a great opportunity for Latin American scientists and their trainees to meet with and share research on the neuronal cytoskeleton with established cytoskeletal researchers from the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. A small meeting like this offers a close and friendly environment that will help stimulate collaborations amongst scientists with common goals. Most importantly, this workshop will bring together students and invited speakers, in order to have a greater and longer lasting impact on scientific research and training in Latin America.

We expect to have students attending the meeting from research institutions in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia. We also expect that some of the invited speakers from outside Latin America will bring their own trainees to share their experiences with Latin American students. This student-to-student contact can be the most effective means to stimulate future collaboration.

All the students will be eligible to receive a fellowship covering the costs of the Workshop. In order to be accepted for the workshop, students will present their own research in a poster session or a short talk. This active participation will promote students’ interactions with speakers, increasing opportunities to improve their research, and to establish contacts for future rotations or research training at foreign laboratories.